Sunday, January 17, 2016

I'm Here

Dromroe Village...where I'll be living

Don't forget that I'm actually studying abroad in Ireland...and I have arrived.

After a rather bumpy flight, one I was shockingly able to sleep on, I walked through customs, picked up my bags, and met my fellow classmates. It's actually quite interesting - they're from all over the country and go to different schools. We got UNH, Texas States, Colorado State, some others, and finally, little old Saint Michael's College represented by none other than my self.
the API 7 a.m.

Now that I'm here and relatively settled in (if 8hrs in a new country constitutes "settled in"), I feel good. I feel like this is a place I can call home for a few months, and I can say it with confidence.

First off, Saint're doing it wrong. I'm in a six-person suite, which admittedly sounds tight, but it does not feel so. Each room living space is a single and it rivals any traditional hotel room - I have storage upon storage for clothes, a huge study desk, a radiator that actually WORKS, and most importantly, my own damn bathroom. I'm still surprised these are my accommodations. I don't feel like a student per say, but a visitor. Now this is a huge university, so you're likely going to find some better housing, but I didn't expect this. My favorite part about the room, however, is my view. When I wake up, I'll be staring directly at a beautiful river and on the other side, the university campus extends.

The first day is always special. Every one is jet lagged, but every one is excited. Every one is nervous, but every one is ready to have fun. We went to Limerick briefly to grab some essentials and upon my first viewing of the city I was actually reminded of Burlington, just a larger version. Maybe that's just because Burlington is what I know and admittedly still where I want to be, or maybe it's just true. Either way, it feels like home. And home is where I want to be.

This week will consist of a routine, mundane, but surely important orientation period. But when we aren't in orientation, we will be exploring Limerick's castles and hidden treasures, which I look forward too. Castles have always been of serious interest to me and Ireland is known for its array, Limerick being home to most of them actually.

In time, I'll have a lot more to talk about, but for now, just remember that change is good and comes in many different forms. I'm embracing it now and will continue to do so.

(Ethan Allen folks, I miss you all)

stay tuned...

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